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Every time I have a massage from Julie I feel amazing. She is totally in tune with what the body needs. Julie has treated me in the lead up to many of my marathon journeys and I truly believe I would not have got through the arduous training without her healing hands. So happy to have found her.

Yvonne M, Hairdresser

Magic Hands

Julie was my go to therapist whilst I was pregnant and helped to ease the aches and pain of carrying extra weight around during my last few months. I highly recommend her pregnancy massage. As I am back at work and sitting at a desk all day and chasing after a toddler at night her regular treatments are my saviour. Magic hands!

Stephanie D, Clinical Project Specialist

One of a Kind!

Jules has a connection with her massage that other massage therapist simply dont have. She knows where to go, how to work on the areas and release the pain. After every session with her, I feel reset and ready to take on the world. If you want to see a myotherapist who ‘has the touch’ I highly recommend incorporating regular visits into your schedule.

Nikki W, Myotherapist

Caring Hands

Julie is a consummate professional when it comes to a massage. I was injured at work just recently and Julie took great care and time to asses my injury and anywhere else I had problems. She then over an hour gave me the best massage I have ever had and has made me mobile again so I can start work. I think I would still be in great pain if she wasn’t around, thank you Julie for making me better. Look forward to the future sessions because I know I’m in caring hands.

Brendan B, Cellar Master

Vast Improvement

I’ve had chronic pain in my hip for the past year but ever since seeing Julie for treatment there has been a vast improvement every time I see her. Having had massage, cupping and dry needles I highly recommend Julie for any treatment.

Lisa G, Hair Stylist

Beautiful Experience

Such a beautiful experience. Thanks so much Julie. You really helped with my neck and shoulders and I’ve taken on board the advice you gave me. I’m sure next time I come I wont be nearly as hard to work with. I really appreciate your attitude too. You seem to know more about me then I do! I’ll be back.

Kirsty G, Solicitor

Injury Recovery

Excellent massage, using cupping and deep tissue massage. Also, with repeat visits, helped with recove from a sporting injury. After prolonged issue with plantar fasciitis, Julie helped me get back to pain free running. Highly recommend.

Andrew G, Internet Consultant

Fully Refreshed

I would like to thank Julie for a great massage. Had a one hour session and my body felt fully refreshed after the session. I play a lot of social sports in Preston and found that the massage helped me recover from my “weekend warrior” sporting sessions. Thanks Julie.

Karen H, Teacher

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