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Pregnancy Massage and it’s benefits

Pregnancy Massage

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage.

Pre and Postnatal massage.  Give yourself time to relax and relieve tired muscles with a relaxing or rejuvenating treatment.

During this time in your life an enormous amount of stress is placed on the body.  Pre and postnatal massage can relax tense muscles, ease sore spots and improve circulation and mobility.

When your carrying a baby inside you it puts a lot of stress on body. Especially your back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Pregnancy also relaxes your ligaments, so that your pelvic joints are less stable, and changes your posture, pulling your pelvis forward. Add to that the extra weight you’re carrying and you may find you’ve got an sore lower back.  Pregnancy massage/remedial massage can help ease this tension and tightness that is placed on the body.

After the birth of the baby you have other stresses placed on the body, the biggest one is carrying the baby around.   Pregnancy massage can help create balance back into the body by treating the hips and lower back and shoulders so you can feel good while holding your precious little person.

Option to bring the baby if under 6 months and not crawling.

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